Thursday, April 19, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
This weekend, professional boxing is coming to Biloxi with plans to stick around for a while if all goes according to plan. On Saturday, the IP Hotel and Casino will be hosting a show featuring seven fights headlined by heavyweight boxer Michael Hunter in the main event. Boxing Promoter Ron Weathers says he hopes to turn this into a monthly showcase with future sights set on hosting matches at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Even after several decades in the business, Weathers says there’s nothing like the trill of a live fight while Hunter sees this bout as an opportunity to work towards his ultimate goal. "Hopefully I'll be getting a fight with my stable mate Deontay Wilder and we can link up again cause he's a heavyweight champ. We were stable mates in 2008 for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing." Weathers said, “It's the excitement of the moment that gets you because it's two guys in there banging each other and it wakes you right up, believe me it does. When they start knocking fire from each other you start screaming one way or another, it gets you on the edge of your seat. It's not like wrestling, wrestling is just entertainment, but this is the real thing.” Weathers says tickets range anywhere from $20 to $50 plus fees and taxes with the doors opening at 6 p.m.   [READ MORE]
Throughout my week at the Masters, I’ve run into just about anything you could expect to see surrounding a major golf championship. From the lighthearted interactions between players and patrons during the practice rounds, to the nervous scrambling to keep hope afloat in the early rounds, to the looks of wonderment on the faces of patrons seeing the course for the first time, there was no shortage of emotion or entertainment.   [READ MORE]
Karlisha Booze interviews Dexter Carswell and rapper Two 4, who are both apart of Red Eye Entertainment. Carswell and rapper Two 4 talk about their 'No Bullying Tour," to motivate and encourage kids who may dealing with bullying. They also have a song avaliable called "Crank dat Martin Dance."   [READ MORE]
Want to experience the best in local fun? Check out Champs Entertainment Complex!   [READ MORE]
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Your daily 30 Second Download on News   [READ MORE]
A mobile gaming trailer, GameTime Entertainment, is now in Macon.   [READ MORE]
Insta-Famous Week @DrEpic
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Several fashion and entertainment industry professionals have credited Artez Irvin for being the freshest up and coming trendsetter. His charisma coupled with intellectual and artful pursuit of street fashion photography has set him apart in this new era of social media. Through print media and social networking, Artez has built a strong following of fans who look to him for social trends; some being travel, fashion and music. Artez’s style in both his professional and personal life mirrors qualities of independence, confidence and a strong presence of creative exploration that are all influenced by an appreciation for the courageous pursuit in the arts. Irvin’s already strong portfolio continues to expand as his most recent ventures has led him to work with Korto Momolu, America’s Next Top Model, BravoTV Reality personalities, and Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Irvin’s hunger for achievement and exploration drive his determination and discipline for his craft.   [READ MORE]

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